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The Not-So-Great Depression of 2008-?

I’ve been thinking about this for a while.. like a year or two.. just decided to do a little more research on it.

Technology grew – the country shrunk – as popularity of automobiles, radios, and movies exploded. Buying on credit or installments was an outcome of the industrial age. In the fall of 1929, the New York Stock Exchange was more active than it had ever been. Economists predicted a permanent high plateau. By October 24, 1929, Black Thursday, the stock market crashed and panic broke out. Banks closed. The nation stayed in this depression through the end of the twenties and most of the thirties.  Check out the Regulatory environment of the 1920s”  —with high highs, comes low lows.

The Roaring 20’s similar to our late 90’s & early 2000’s?

Curious which types of Businesses made it through the Great Depression the best?

In those days…Oil? Spam? Coke, Campbell’s Soup, Hersheys, Disney, Cereals like Quaker Oats, General Mills, Kelloggs, Post, P&G, Chevrolet & Ford, GoodYear, GE, Nuclear Engineering, Camel & Lucky Strike Cigarettes, Radio & Print Advertising Companies. The Great Escapes> Gambling & Alcohol, Radio, Movies, Baseball/Boxing etc.
Who would make it Today
Oil. Spam?
Most if not all of the same Cereals & Canned Meats. Ramen Noodles/Pasta. P&G, Disney, Coke, Made in China?, Google!- Digital Advertising as TV/Internet Ads combine. Toyota? VW, Microsoft? Apple/Macs, Verizon, Internet/Cell phone/Cable/Satellite-Service Providers.The Great Escapes> Gambling & Alcohol, Football/Ultimate Fighting, Movies, Internet-Movies like Youtube, SwapaDVD, Netflix, Games-Wii, PS3, etc., Couple of Airlines,

Interactive Map of Auto-Plant Closings.
Interactive Map of Auto-Plant Closings.

Which types of businesses Suffered the Worst?

In those days… Industrial: Mining, Farming, Logging, Construction…Stock Brokers & Banking.
Who is hurting Today…. Stock Brokers & Banking, Realtors, Car Dealers starting to go out from credit crunch,
Gone: Several Banks, Mervyns/Wickes Furniture and Levitz Furniture/Linens-n-Things/Sharper Image/Shoe Pavillion/
Mrs. Fields, Airlines, Circuit City, Dairies (higher feed costs than price of milk), …lots!

Anywho…not meaning to depress… just trying to think ahead.

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