Share your WordPress posts to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social sharing sites for free.

You don’t need services like and to post your WordPress posts to Facebook and Twitter. Both costing around $10/month. You can do it for free using a plugin that you may already be using, Jetpack. Here is how: Install the Jetpack WordPress plugin if you haven’t already. Go to ‘Jetpack’ > ‘settings’ in your WordPress […]

New business cards on the way

Today I worked on making new business cards from scratch…Thanks to Overnight Prints!  +rounded corners +uv spot filterI’ve always loved your products. These should be pretty slick once they get here.    

WordPress: Unable to create directory and my folder permissions are ok.

Ok, I changed the WordPress installation from its original directory and the media libary and file uploads stopped working. Before you freak out… check this setting in WordPress > Settings > Media. Check the path to make sure it reflects your new file structure. In my instance, I just had to remove the /blog/ folder […]

what is the .farm tld domain name extension?

.FARM is a naming solution for your farming-related websites. The .farm extension is a perfect choice for farmers, suppliers, analysts, researchers, buyers, storefronts and all other organizations within the farming community. Any business or individual may register a domain name with the .farm extension. At the time of this post Google (beta) domain name services […]

subdomain vs. separate domains

I’m currently beginning to work on a brand new site for a friend. The company has 3 separate farms. I decided to try the new .farm domain extension, well, because it just makes sense. Instead of going with 3 separate websites, the company names had a similar core root word we could work from. Therefore […]

Old Fashioned Pie Safe for Sale

Hi, My Dad retired this fall and made this crazy heavy duty one-of-a-kind old fashioned Pie Safe.   -I guess he was bored or something 🙂 -Evidently, mom won’t let him start on his next project until he recovers his material cost from this one… I can only imagine. Anyways, it’s gorgeous.  He’s asking $475.00 for […]

Blank Screen HP Notebook

Just Posting what I’ve ran into w/ my HP Pavilion DV2911US. I ended up w/ a blank screen and the cpu beeped  a few times.  The power would come on but could not access BIOS or start windows.  I went through HP’s support re-seating the HD, RAM, hitting F10 etc.  Finally sent it off, got […]

Trade Books for Free @

Found a way to save money on all of your books! Children’s Books Disney Books SparkNotes Manga Books you name it! @ you post all of the books you want to get rid of and trade them for new ones.  You only pay for shipping, around $2.00!  Not bad for a $20.00-$30.00 O’reilly book […]

The Not-So-Great Depression of 2008-?

I’ve been thinking about this for a while.. like a year or two.. just decided to do a little more research on it. “Technology grew – the country shrunk – as popularity of automobiles, radios, and movies exploded. Buying on credit or installments was an outcome of the industrial age. In the fall of 1929, […]