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  • Share your WordPress posts to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social sharing sites for free.

    You don’t need┬áservices like and┬áto post your WordPress posts to Facebook and Twitter. Both costing around $10/month. You can do it for free using a plugin that you may already be using, Jetpack. Here is how: Install the Jetpack WordPress plugin if you haven’t already. Go to ‘Jetpack’ > ‘settings’ in your WordPress […]

  • what is the .farm tld domain name extension?

    .FARM is a naming solution for your farming-related websites. The .farm extension is a perfect choice for farmers, suppliers, analysts, researchers, buyers, storefronts and all other organizations within the farming community. Any business or individual may register a domain name with the .farm extension. At the time of this post Google (beta) domain name services […]

  • subdomain vs. separate domains

    I’m currently beginning to work on a brand new site for a friend. The company has 3 separate farms. I decided to try the new .farm domain extension, well, because it just makes sense. Instead of going with 3 separate websites, the company names had a similar core root word we could work from. Therefore […]